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View Full Version : FINALLY taking my ACII out for a spin.

02-14-2012, 12:04
It's disgraceful, but a month and a half after purchasing my first 1911 I'm finally getting around to shooting it this afternoon. It's been broken down, cleaned, lubed, function checked, and it hand feeds 230gr ball, 230gr HPs, and spent brass fine, so hopefully it'll run!

ca survivor
02-14-2012, 13:45
please, let us know how it went

02-14-2012, 15:03
I didn't take out my first 1911 for about a month when I got it. Mostly because I was waiting for some Wilson Combat lubricants I had ordered. Have fun!

02-14-2012, 16:46
First shot at 7 yards. The rest of the target wasn't terribly impressive, but I'll take it!

Function was 99.5%, I had one round of WWB fail to fire, but it had a solid dent in the primer, so I attribute it to the ammo, not the gun. As a lark I even staggered live rounds and spent cases 1/1 in several mags and it fed the empties 100%.

Fired 200 rounds of WWB 230gr. JHP and 50 rounds of Winchester PDX1 Bonded 230gr. JHP.