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02-15-2012, 10:16
First,thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. I recently read up on the Goshen-hex sight system. It really looks like it might improve one's ability to acquire a target/sight picture quickler and fire a shot. I also looked into "Ghost Ring" type sights with tritium on the front and rear sights for night use. What do you think of these? Have there ever been problems legally or scenario-wise with them? I really don't even know the kind of questions to ask other than, are they worth using or problematic from your perspective? Thanks again.

Mas Ayoob
02-15-2012, 17:04
Haven't worked with the hex type, can't give an opinion. Most folks don't fare well with ghosts rings on handguns, but cutting the ghost ring in half and making it a giant U-notch rear sight seems to work quite well! I believe the idea was pioneered by Gary Paul Johnson, and is available from Novak sights. I don't see any liability problems with them, FWIW.