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02-15-2012, 17:57
Hi Mas,

Hope this finds you well and busy!

I tried to reply to the other 5.7 thread, but the system would not let me, hence the new thread.

I am often asked about a handgun with lower recoil than 9mm/.38 for people with disabilities or low hand strength. Rather than taking the shooter down to .380 or .32, would you recommend the 5.7 assuming they could actuate the slide?

Best regards,


Mas Ayoob
02-15-2012, 20:12
It'd be better than nothing, bro, but I've seen you teach, and I'd put more trust in your abilities to show them how to overcome their lack of hand strength and run a 9mm.


02-17-2012, 07:07
I greatly appreciate the confidence my friend.