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02-15-2012, 20:34
the smallest gun i carry for back up is a kel tec P3at and it has been 100%. i am not comfortable with a 380 but it has its place. so i'm kicking around the idea of putting a laserguard on it, the sights are crap and my eyes are old. those lasers are about as much as the gun. for those who have them are they worth it?

M2 Carbine
02-15-2012, 21:01
the sights are crap and my eyes are old
My eyes are 74.:)

I'm a big laser fan. I have lasers or laser/lights on every one of my defense handguns, rifles and shotguns and a few practice guns.

I've been practicing low light/dark shooting for years (home range).
There just isn't anything that come close to being as fast and accurate as a good laser or laser/light in low light or dark.

Put it this way. When it is like this,

Such as this (with practice) is so easy it's like cheating. (2 inch S&W J Frame)

P3AT with a ARMMA laser.

Although you can do decent, even without your eye glasses, on a somewhat dark day, the laser is really for low light sighting when it's too dark to see the iron sights.

02-15-2012, 21:03
I've never been a fan of lasers, but some love them.

02-15-2012, 21:35
just the fact that on the kel-tec there is hardly any sight makes me concider one.

02-15-2012, 21:42
I just bought two, one for my G19 and the other for my Sigma, 40 S&W.
I love them!
I think that CT has done it right. The laser is up front, out of the way and the activation is instinctive, just by grabbing the gun.
As a lefty, I have tried and still have several other types of lasers. They almost always produce some sort of problem for me, holding the gun correctly. But the CT laser-guard is the cat's caboose if you ask me. It is always out of the way no matter how you hold it.
Most importantly, for me anyway, is the fact that the laser-guard does not affect how the gun fits my hand or how it just don't notice that it is there.

02-16-2012, 06:47
I tried the older panel Crimson Trace grips on my 92A1 and liked them pretty well. I didn't want to laser up any other gun but I found how they could be useful at certain times.

When I got my second P3AT, I thought I'd give the CT laser guard a go since I remember those tiny sights as well. Once again they worked out pretty nice and even came with a decent pocket holster to fit the P3AT with the laser. It's held zero through 200rds split into 2 range trips with no problem. It's also held zero after taking the laser off and re-installing it.

I still use the sights but when I tested it using the laser only, the results where more then adequate if it's all I could use. There is no on/off switch but I liked the less bulk of this laser over other models and the fact that they give you a decent pocket holster in the box saves cost on buying one as well.

M2 Carbine
02-16-2012, 07:42
I have the Laser Guard on the Ruger LCP.
The way I look at it is, with so few fairly low power rounds, I'd better make all the shots count.