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02-16-2012, 14:01
I helped my buddy with building his rifle from a Del-Ton M4 barreled upper and a stripped PSA lower last night. We made quick work of it and didn't break the lower or lose a detent. Thought I'd share a parts list and some impressions:

-PSA Lower w/DD LPK
-DTI M4 barreled upper/bolt (I was extremely impressed with the quality of this throughout; especially the quality of the bolt. I bought the same upper around 2009 and the quality difference from Del-Ton is night and day)
-Charging handle with Badger Tac latch (not gunfighter)
-Houge pistol grip
-Magpul BAD lever
-Magpul End Plate
-CTR stock
-Carry handle sights
-CQB 2/1 point bungie sling

He may add a free float or MOE handguards, but swears he's going to avoid optics (he's still going to end up with something).

The carbine feels incredibly light, point-able, more over all else, solid. We're planning an outing to my fun park of shooting joy this weekend and we'll run it pretty hard. Again the quality of this upper is impressive (it was under $400). The bolt was marked MPI and everything, shot-peened, had the correct black-insert extractor spring and an even an O-ring around it. Chroming looked good. Even the roll marks that were very well etched into the barrel were night and day difference to the ones on the DTI barrel I'd had.

The PSA lower could have been parkerized better, but you have to look very hard to tell. I wouldn't call them 'blemishes' so much as 'areas that weren't gone over again like the rest of the lower and thusly don't match perfectly'. From over 2' away the nude eye cannot discern.

Both of us being of solid Tarheel stock, we took pleasure in noting that the rifle was made of an upper from NC and a lower from SC (even if it is South OF Carolina).

Here's a picture of our operation were I was careful to responsibly removing our pints from the frame, but forgot the bottle opener (no live ammo was in the room):

and with my carbine in its final set-up:

02-16-2012, 14:04
Meant to mention that he has a little less than $600 in this, and benefited greatly from friends with parts they didn't want. Its intent is to be a budget build, he will not be taking this to Trashcanistan.

Also worth mentioning: the DD LPK is of extremely high quality. I guess most of y'all know that by now, but it was my first such experience with one--the trigger feels great and it's yet to be fired.

02-16-2012, 20:46
I helped a friend with the same build except using a DTI LPK and it too was high quality.

02-16-2012, 21:16
After my first purchase, I wouldn't have thought I'd ever wanna go with them again. That's not to say that there was anything WRONG with my Del-Ton upper, it worked, but it wouldn't have checked a single box on the chart. The one last night was g2g; I wish it had come with M4 profile handgaurds instead of the CAR ones, however.