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View Full Version : A concealable OWB Kydex holster with a straighter drop?

02-17-2012, 09:31

I've been thinking about switching to an OWB Kydex holster with a straighter drop or lesser cant than the "FBI cant". (I also would favor the Safariland ALS internal locking system for Level II retention)

I'd like to use this type of holster configuration from concealment, however I'm finding this holster configuration is more difficult to conceal.

Have you tested a OWB Kydex holster you felt was more concealable than most others?


Mas Ayoob
02-17-2012, 11:53
Devin Wulle at White Dog Holsters (www.whitedogholsters.com) makes a Kydex OWB that hugs very tight to the body without being uncomfortable. He can build it to whatever tilt or cant the customer requests. As you know, the more perpendicular to the ground the barrel rides, the more the butt will protrude to the rear.

Have had good luck with the White Dog with Glock 30 and full size S&W M&P, and my sweetie's daily carry is now an XDm in a White Dog OWB.

Best of luck,

02-23-2012, 13:03
Thanks, Mas.