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02-17-2012, 19:17
I have been thinking about buying a varmint caliber bolt action for a while. Kind of narrowed it down to .223 because i already reload for it and have a good bit of components.

I thought i would go with a Tikka T3 Varmint, heavy barrel. Then i got to thinking i should probably compare to an AR upper and see how they stack up. I already have a RRA lower with 2 stage trigger i could swap the upper onto, so it's just the cost of the upper an scope/bases and i'm in business. If i go with the T3, I have to also buy a railed base as well. The T3 is also a couple hundred dollars higher than the RRA upper.

So is this a good upper to go with, is there any reason i shouldn't be looking at an AR upper instead of the bolt action?

This will be used for just paper punching, and maybe a varmint shoot if i ever actually decide to go.

If there is another heavy barrel upper that you think is a better deal, which one?

Weight isn't too much of a concern, this will be all bipod/bench/prone shooting, like i said i already have 2 lightweight AR's that can be carried if there is a reason, and i like the long heavy barrel for extra velocity and so that it will not heat up as fast...

02-18-2012, 06:43
The Tikka would be a VERY good choice!
RRA makes a great varmint heavy barrel upper, I had a 20"
it would hold right at 1moa out to 300m