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02-18-2012, 21:43
So I joined a gun club today and they have a section where you can shoot steel targets but in that section you can only use lead ammo. The perk to the section is NO ONE is ever there as where the rest can be busy.

My question is I have never used or bought lead ammo before. I have a Glock 19 gen 3.

I found this from Midway


Would that work?

I am very limited in knowledge when it comes to ammo as I always use the same stuff for the most part.

Appreciate the help and info

02-18-2012, 22:17
That ammo is fine BUT you don't want to use lead bullets with a stock Glock barrel because of lead buildup because of the polygonal rifling. If you want to do this pick up an aftermarket barrel like a Lone Wolf or Storm Lake.

michael e
02-18-2012, 22:25
Price seems high to me .
As for using lead in glock barrel, half these people will tell you not to. I have been using it in my glocks for years, check and see if you have lead fouling after some rounds, if not you're good to go. But it's your call , buy the aftermarket barrel if you feel better.

4 glocks
02-18-2012, 22:37
I have only used lead ammo in 38 Spl. $11.50 a box for reloads seems high to me. Glock says not to use lead ammo but that's been covered.