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Metal Angel
02-20-2012, 00:44
What do you guys think about the Raven Vangaurd holster? My wife is thinking about getting her CHL, and this thing looks ideal for purse carry. I am also interested in it for the car... It almost seems too good to be true though... Just want to know if anyone has experience with them or opinions... They have a Vangaurd 2 coming out soon that has a belt clip... Which also interests me. I love my CB Supertuck... But this thing is so minimal it's amazing.


Metal Angel
02-20-2012, 00:46
For 20 bucks I might just buy one and see for myself.

02-20-2012, 01:09
There have been threads about that type of holster here and many have had great success with it. I personally will stick to traditional holsters.