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02-20-2012, 20:18
I just picked up a Remington 870 express magnum. previouse owner had glued a velcro shell holder to the side. I didnt like it very much so I took it off. Now im stuck with the sticky residue of the glue. How do I get it off?

Second is, the gun came with a red dot (took that off) and adjustable stock (hard plastic?) after a my first trip out with it. I now have a brusied shoulder. Anyone know of a decent stock perhaps with a recoil pad? That wont tear up my shoulder? I like the composite look. Not a fan of the wood ones.

And on a side note is there a general procedure for taking the stock off? I have stared at this thing for hours trying to figure it out.

02-20-2012, 20:23
About the adhesive: Goo Gone. Should be safe to use on the receiver. I have a bottle at my house and I use it all the time. Nothing but good things to say. Goo Gone, 8 Oz.: Kitchen & Dining@@AMEPARAM@@

02-20-2012, 20:33
Goo gone works as does skin so soft. Either will work and save the finish.

02-20-2012, 20:39
Remove the recoil pad. You should see a large hole in the middle of the stock. One large screw with a slotted head should be visible.

02-20-2012, 20:40
Put the stock deep into your shoulder and then roll with the recoil as opposed to letting the stock smack your shoulder.

Make sense?

Line Rider
02-20-2012, 21:00
I inherited a Mossberg 590 from one of our investigators when he left the department. He had glued a shell hold on the side and it come off. This left a mess. I tried WD-40 and other solvents with no luck. Finally, I used a heat gun on low. I warmed the glue enough of roll it off the gun.

I have a Speed feed on my personal 870 and haven't had a problem with the recoil.

02-20-2012, 23:20
The gun doesn't have a recoil pad on it right now. It has an adjustable stock. It's a hard plastic. Hurts like a mofo

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02-20-2012, 23:22
This is what the back of my shotgun looks like.

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