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02-20-2012, 20:53
I recently traded into a Spikes AR pistol and this weekend got it out for the first time. I've had plenty of practice with the carbine variety but this size intrigued me. Even after reading up on them in the various boards I didn't know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Aiming from a stand with a cheek weld on the tube resulted in the target below @ 25 yards. Offhand it was easily minute-of-milk-jug accurate. When I shoot water filled milk jugs with a pistol they move a bit and just leak. When the .223 hits them they explode and jump high in the air. Being a lefty I have to hold high. A waist hold causes brass to hit my right arm. An SBR would be better but till the feds loosen the rules I'll just enjoy this. I only ran about a hundred rounds with no issues and it really wasn't dirty when I was done. Now I have to remove the staked rear nut and mount a sling plate.

Two Guns
02-20-2012, 21:39
That looks so cool.

02-21-2012, 07:52
You still have VCR tapes? :)

02-21-2012, 09:17
LOL, yes I do and I think the player still works. I just haven't gotten around to throwing them all away. I've converted all the home movies to DVD but still have a stack of tv shows on tape. They were handy when I took this shot last night. I wondered if anyone would notice. I also still play music cassettes in my basement shop and will till they stretch and die.

02-21-2012, 12:55
Offhand it was easily minute-of-milk-jug accurate.

:rofl: Haha; I love it. I'm gonna have to recycle that one.

Nice blaster (bet it's LOUD).

02-21-2012, 15:33
Loud? I was surprised that with my normal earmuffs it seemed no louder than anything else I have. Certainly not loud enough to cause any flinch. If anything it was a heavy trigger that scattered the shots over the target. Next time I'll do the pistol side-by-side with my 16" carbine and see if I can tell any difference through the insulation.

Deployment Solu
03-02-2012, 12:00
Good looking pistol.

Glock 1
03-02-2012, 12:09
Wouldn't you love to see the face of a car-jacker after him seeing you pull that out? lol

Very nice!