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Airborne Infantryman
02-21-2012, 18:41
My local gunshop has a brand new Winchester SXP Defender - I can get it for $350 out the door.

Link -

Winchester SXP Defender (

Has a rotating bolt, chrome-lined barrel, and fit and finish is excellent, I didn't realize they're made in Turkey until I researched it more this evening.....seems like something cool and new to try out. I really like the stock, and the recoil pad. It's very light as well.

Does anyone have any experience with this same model?

02-21-2012, 18:46
A lot of firearms are made in turkey these days. All of the CZ shotguns are made in Turkey and they are very good. I have looked at the SXP shotgun also. It seems to be a very good gun for a great price.