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02-21-2012, 23:31
Saw 2 of these in one of my local shops, they have a blued steel version and a stainless slide one as well. Most of you all know i am looking to swap my G20 and honestly i am starting to really like this pistol after doing some research. I am used to shooting .45acps handguns, and prefer a 1911 style. I believe this new .45 Ruger to be a modern rendition of the Old browning firing style. I love me some single stacks, and with a Price tag of $480 this may be my next serious handgun. I would appreciate any experiences and informed opinions on said handgun. I am a reknowned gun whore and this purty Ruger may be clogspecialist's next notch in the belt

be safe

02-22-2012, 05:24
The Ruger P series are great pistols.

They aren't the prettiest, but are very reliable and accurate.