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02-22-2012, 07:03
Hey all,

I recently purchased a SIG M400 and was highly saddened by the quality of the gun once I got home and got down and dirty with it. The bolt assembly was grainy, the inside of the chamber was so heavily filled with paint it took me, some clp, and a very long movie to cycle it over and over again to get it to rack back smoothly. Took it out to the range numerous times, and just wasnt impressed, especially with the ambi mag release getting in the way of locking the bolt to the rear...

So I traded it flat out for a BNIB Arsenal SGL 21, 2 tap co magazines, and 40 rounds of ammo. I have a folding stock and tapco front bottom rail on its way as well as I managed to track down Arsenal's scope mount and need advice on an EOtech.

I am wondering if anyone is running any red dots on their arsenal mounts and how they like it, and if anyone is specifically running XPS2's on their AK.

Thanks, Phalanx

02-26-2012, 10:04
I've had good luck using EoTechs on my AKs.
I can't help on the Arsenal mount though, I always use Ultimaks.


02-26-2012, 21:09
My preference is Aimpoint on an Ultimak. I tried other mounts, and the only other one that I still use at all is the MWI quad rail. All others have disappointed. As far as EoTech, mine failed. My shooting buddy who uses EoTechs the most had one of his fail also. I have four Aimpoints, and all have been flawless. More important, the Aimpoints on our issued rifles have held up extremely well. Aimpoint. Ultimak. Done.