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Airborne Infantryman
02-22-2012, 20:16
I got a Winchester SXP Defender today.....I finally got it after debating on it for a couple days. I'll start out with my initial impressions-

Fit and finish is AMAZING. Better than my Mossberg 590A1's, and about as good as my Remington 870P MAX.

The Winchester SXP Defender has an 18.5 inch barrel, 5 +1 capacity, and a brass bead sight.

The finish appears to be similar to Cerakote. The barrel is chrome-lined, as is the chamber; the internals are coated with black chrome as well. The action is smooth as silk and is one of the smoothest actions I've felt in a shotgun out of the box. The fore end has very little wobble as well, due to the action bars being one piece, and connected to together. The gun feels VERY solid overall.

The shotgun uses a rotating bolt, and the bolt rotates into place, and locks into lugs in the chamber, such as on an AR-15, or a Benelli M4 shotgun.

The stock has about a 13-inch LOP, and has a really nice recoil pad on it as well. The stock feels good, but I do feel that the "footprint" of the stock on your shoulder could've been a little bigger.

I'm very impressed with this gun; it cost me $329 brand new, out the door today. I'll shoot it this weekend, and give a full report, along with better photos, and photos of the internals.

Sorry for the horrible cell phone pics-

02-22-2012, 20:20
love the shotgun and the price

I bought a autoloader for clay shooting and now i think I spent a bit too much :crying:

02-22-2012, 21:12
Very nice

Congrats! :cool:

02-22-2012, 22:37
Winchester pumps can't be beat. My old 1200 is the smoothest pump I've ever shot.

02-22-2012, 22:38
Nice, congrats!