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02-22-2012, 21:21
In another thread you describe method of determining master/dominate eye. I have heard of that method before, but always used another method.

My question is, if the method you describe is superior to method I use, which is:

1. Assume stable position

2. With BOTH eyes open point your finger at some target object, such as, light switch

3. NOT moving finger look thru one eye than other eye

4. The eye that shows your finger still pointing at target object (light switch) is your master/dominate eye.

Mas Ayoob
02-22-2012, 21:25
Jack, either method will work. I've used both over the years, and found that the one I illustrated here earlier is a little easier to explain and teach.


02-22-2012, 22:31

Thanks. I was just worried that method I use might be some how inferior or not work with some people. Glad to hear both work equally well. Jack