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02-24-2012, 08:10
Hey Mas - thanks for all the good info you share with us folks.

Yesterday, I noticed in a catalog a brand of ammo called C.O.P. (Copper Only Projectile). I normally carry the CorBon DPX ammo, but as I'msure you know-it's very expensive. THe C.O.P. ammo in the .45 acp 185 gr loading was almost exactly one-half the price of the DPX brand.

Have you gotten any feedback on this brand of ammo? Have you personally tried it? I was thinking of using it for practice, sighting, etc., and saving the DPX for actual carry. . .

Have you had any experieince of heard anything about this brand of ammunition?


Mas Ayoob
02-24-2012, 21:23
Haven't any experience with it, couldn't tell you a thing about it.

Might want to try posting in Caliber Corner.

Sorry I couldn't be more help,