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02-25-2012, 13:27
Hi all,

I was finally able to get both of my ARs out at the range over the last few months. While cleaning them, I noticed some of the coating removed on the cam pin where it slides against the BCG. I noticed this on my BCM and Bushmaster. I only have about 120-150 rounds out of the BCM and 200 + in the Bushmaster and yes, I run both guns wet with some TW25B, CLP or Mpro7 around the cam pin and the other recommended areas posted on this and M4 Carbine..

Would purchasing the POF product be an upgrade from wear & tear on the stock part?

Is my cam pin wear normal? I run 55 grain 5.56 Winchester & Lawman and AE .223. I have attached only photos of the BCM BCG cam pin.... ( do have a little bit of grease on it, but wiped some away to show)

Thanks for the replies.

02-25-2012, 18:00
All cam pins will get wear and so will the receiver. That being said. I bought a POF pin back when they were still cheap and I will never go back regardless of the benefits fact or myth... I like them and the logic makes sense to me as far as metal interfacing parts go.

02-25-2012, 19:11
I run the .308 pof cam pin in a 308 ar. It does not require a different pof gas key like their 556 version. It is putting more parts into the mix--there is a pin and a turning head in the cam pin. The action may be a little smoother, but it's not a big difference. I still run lubed but no wear on the cam pin.

Yes the wear looks normal.

I'm sold on the new self lubricating finishes for parts and love my failzero Spike's BCG. In 556 I'd try a FZ cam pin for $10 instead.


02-25-2012, 23:17
I put one of their roller pins in my Adams Arms piston conversion upper to alleviate wear on the left side of the reciever.

02-25-2012, 23:40
From what I gather, that is perfectly normal wear. Same thing happened to me a while back, and I posted a thread about it, check it out. I emailed BCM and I posted their response at the end of the thread.


02-26-2012, 07:14
The AR15 is by nature a self stopping system, which can incur in reliability problems, however the roller cam pin, solves this problem by making the system not self stopping also smoothing the action
More info about this you can check it here
M16/M4 reliability problem, increased bolt friction causing jams - YouTube

02-27-2012, 13:56
Thanks all for the replies... I wasn't sure if it was normal or not from a low round count... Since reading the email from BCM I'm not too worried about it now.... Might get the FZ or POF cam pin though.....