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02-25-2012, 21:21

Bought a Mossberg Youth 20ga for my daughter and mom to use for busting clay pigeons and plinking. Also, thought it might have a place as a defense weapon for my mom.

Bought some Federal #3 buck and it seems to kick as hard as 00 buck out of a 12ga. Bought some Winchester #3, but have not tried it yet.

Anyone have a suggestion for some softer shooting 20ga defense ammo?


Trigger Finger
02-25-2012, 22:42
These Federals seem to have a little less velocity and function very well. The Buckshot is a little smaller then #3. My wife likes them and it's what I recommend to allot of my female friends.
I think they will get the job done for Home Defense!!


02-25-2012, 23:15
Thanks, I'll give those a try.

02-26-2012, 11:08
and I suggest getting a limbsaver recoil pad. AND proper stance, stance, stance, stance..........

02-29-2012, 23:07
Teej definitely has it right. I used to train a lot on a 12g, but would have hated it without the Limbsaver!

And I agree, most 20g buckshot feels about like 12g birdshot.

Most people don't necessarily like the idea of a "big bore rifle" for HD, but 20g slugs offer notably less recoil than their 12g counterparts, but are still incredibly potent relative to most common HD choices.

Otherwise yeah I'd just try to find the lowest-velocity buckshot you can.