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02-26-2012, 14:21
Been on the hunt for something a bit larger then my 642 for a Home Defense gun. NO, I don't want to get a shotgun right now, I'd like to get my handguns out of the way first then later on I'll pick up a shotgun so please, don't tell me to get a shotgun.LOL.
Anyway, Mark at Summit has the Blue Line Sig Pro 2340's for $325, time I get S/H and FFL fees out of the way I'm looking at $375. Being 40cal I've already got reloading stuff for it so gun and a couple extra mags with some kind of decent holster would be all that I'd need.
There's also a guy here in Tennessee that's got a S&W 4586, DAO 45acp for sale for $375. I could probably talk him down to $350 if I can impress on him that Bud's had a bunch of LEO trade ins that sold for $269 a few months ago. That would keep me into S&W's which would make my OCD happy,LOL. I would have to pick up a set of loading dies, bullet mold, bullet sizing die and some larger pistol primers in order to load for it and the normal extra mags and holster.
It's just kind of a war between the Sig and having all the loading stuff but not staying brand loyal vs sticking with S&W and having to get into extra loading stuff for it. Also there's the issue of 12+1 in the Sig vs 8+1 in the S&W.
Just wanted to bounce this off of ya'll to see what gun sounded better for my needs which will basically be Home Defense and Plinking/Target Shooting.
I've got my 642 J-Frame for EDC/CCW so that base is covered pretty well. Anyway, thanks.

02-26-2012, 14:30
They're two totally different pistols. I like both.

02-26-2012, 15:24
It depends on which one you will like better

The 4586 is a 4 inch .45 that is dao and has a really long trigger pull and the pro 2340 is da/sa with a much lighter trigger.

One is .40 and the other is .45.I have roughly the same thing,both a sig 2340 and S&W 4506

02-26-2012, 15:48
Well, guess it's kind of a moot point now, the 4586 is sold pending funds. I do love the DAO triggers on the S&W's. I remember messing with a 4046(alloy frame, DAO, 40cal) S&W that we got in at Martin's Uniform in Phoenix, AZ when I worked there as their "Gun Guy" and the trigger was surprisingly nice. Guess I'll either keep looking or just go with the Sig. Thanks for the replies.