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02-26-2012, 20:30
Assuming that I buy a suppressor online, what are all the other expenses for Florida residents?

I know about so called stamp, is it $200?, then what are the transfer fees charged by a local dealer, etc

does it make any difference if this is a screw-on suppressor vs integrated (like AWC Amphibian on Ruger MKII 22lr), or the caliber like 22lr vs. 9mm, etc

how long does it take to process all the paperwork?

Zak Smith
02-27-2012, 15:57
Cost of suppressor: ???
Form 4: $200.
Sales tax and NFA transfer fee. $50 is a reasonable NFA item transfer fee. This ought not be charged if you buy it from the dealer directly vs. doing a transfer.

Form 3's are taking 40-55 days. Form 4's are taking 4-7 months.