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02-26-2012, 22:45
Mas, like always thanks for the great info. Wal Mart has a 135 gr silver box Federal JHPs. The conclusion on the web folks is that the US Border Patrol had Federal make up their HST 2s in the 135 gr and Wal Mart bought the over run. Have you heard anything about them?

Thanks again!

Mas Ayoob
03-05-2012, 19:00
My source at Federal tells me those do indeed use the HST bullet, and are part of a lot produced two years ago.


03-06-2012, 21:52
Thanks for the confirmation. I have bought two boxes and after shooting the first box they do seem very accurate without any additional recoil. Not ready for prime time carry, but they do show some promise as to not over-penetrate.