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John McPhee 2-Day “Urban Hunter” (Practical Urban Shooting Skills) Course - Dec 14-15, 2012 - Los Angeles, CA

SGM(ret) John McPhee served a distinguished career in U.S. Army Special Operations for over 20 years, retiring in 2011.

Units served;
1st Ranger Bn
7th Special Forces Group
1st SFOD-D
Joint Special Operations Command

John has spent his adult life in Special Operations and Special Mission Units. He is a Master Instructor in all aspects of special activities, missions and operations. He has over 6 years of private special activities consulting and is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in: Special Activities, Operational Preparations, Limited Signature Operations, Reconnaissance, Singleton Operations, High Threat Dignitary Protective Services, Extreme Long Range, Designated Marksman, Advanced Precision Rifle Marksmanship, Combat Marksmanship, Live Fire CQB/CQC, Advanced Pistol Marksmanship, Advanced Carbine Marksmanship, Ariel Gunnery (Rifles, Shotguns, Ariel Personnel and Vehicle Interdictions, Mechanical, Ballistic and Explosive Breaching, Freefall Instructor Programs, Infiltration/ Exfiltration Techniques, Ground Mobility, Unit Pre-Deployment Training, and Research and Development of; Soldier Systems, Weapons, Ammunition, Thermal and Night Optics.

Special Forces Target Interdiction Course
US Army Sniper School
NRA Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun, Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer
Advanced Mountain Sniper Course, Instructor
Advanced Freefall, Instructor (Ratings Current)
Freefall Coach (Ratings Current)
California Personal/ Executive Body Guard Certification (Rating Current)
2005 Budweiser World Cup Super Heavyweight Jiu-Jitsu Champion
2004 Presidential Security Detail (Ariel Heavy) Cartagena, Colombia

He has trained countless U.S. Special Operations forces, thousands of International Tier 1 Operators and Special Forces around the world. He is one of the handful of operators with over a decade of combat having served in multiple theaters from Bosnia and South America to recent war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Grey Group Training:

John McPhee 2-Day “Urban Hunter” (Practical Urban Shooting Skills) Course - Dec 14-15, 2012 - Los Angeles, CA

The “Urban Hunter” (Practical Urban Shooting Skills) Course is designed to teach you to move safely and effectively room to room in combat, active shooter scenario and your own home. Being accurate is final but being accurate in a confined space seconds or fractions of a second is better.

In this course you will shoot several different courses of fire. You will do this with your gear. Bring what you have; we will make you good with it. Learn to use your rifle, scope, reticle and any accessories for them. Shoot for accuracy, true your gun, and skills and making the SHOT in fractions of a second. Engage from different shooting points, analyze the mechanics of each one, and practice for time. Learn to move and shoot efficiently and without fail. Learn how to take safe shots to increase you speed, accuracy, and efficiency in confined spaces. Learning this safe shots mindset will minimize your collateral damage in your home or in the line of duty. Use hold offs and land-marking to better increase your time to accurately hit your target. Learn to correctly and rapidly reload, correct malfunctions and stoppages to get back in the fight when seconds count.

Do all these things while applying the Perfect Fundamentals of Marksmanship. Practice doesn’t make perfect, PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

Topics covered:
Basics Carbine rifle
Scopes/Red dots/Reticles
Training Ammo, overview
Fundamentals of Marksmanship
Weapon manipulation
Load/ unload clear weapon
Hold offs
Weapon accessories

**This class is open to; ONLY AR-15 platform guns (5.56/2.23). You will be using a provided UTM complete bolt carrier assembly & magazines in your weapon for this class. All ammunition is provided. Please do not bring live ammunition to the class.

Instructor(s): John McPhee & select members from his prior Mil unit.

Class dates: Dec 14-15, 2012

Cost: $875

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Range Facilities

Required Gear;
Required Weapons; ONLY AR-15 platform guns (5.56/2.23)
Red dot scope, or Iron Sights, or Optic 1-4 power
Ballistic Eye Protection
Hearing Protection
4 magazines
A way to carry 2 mags on your body
Rifle sling
Gun light (we will shoot in low light scenarios)

To sign-up for this class please use this link;

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me;