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Patriot III
03-01-2012, 21:54
If I have my rifle sighted in at 100 yards with 62 grain .556 ammunition, what point of impact should I expect with 62 grain 223 ammunition?

I've been trying to research (my eyes are bleeding) but I can't find any comparisons.


Does anyone have experience specific to this "problem"?

Gunnut 45/454
03-01-2012, 22:15
Probably about 1-2" lower with .223 at 100 yards. The right or left who knows you'll have to shoot both to find out!:wavey: Are they the same bullet?

03-01-2012, 22:29
I can get 6" vertical shift just by going with the different brand of ammo, same bullet weight.

03-01-2012, 22:43
Everything Gunnut and Novo said, plus the fact that M855 is known to have velocity and accuracy inconsistencies between different lots. Personally, I don't zero with green tip, nor do I keep it in most of my primary magazines - those get loaded with 75gr and 77gr loads, then M193 (if needed) THEN green tip. The M855 is solely reserved for when I need something with better penetration against intermediate barriers - and only then until I can afford to replace my green tip stock with something better for that role.