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03-03-2012, 14:39
I just posted this over on GG but thought it would also be appropriate here.

BUT I DID FIX THE PROBLEM. It was only one of my mags was bad. When I'd try to rack the slide with the full mag, the slide would catch on the top cartridge and sometimes would be so tight it'd slip out of my hand. The mag follower had a little 9 on the very front of it.

I Disassembled the mag using a pair of channel lock pliers to squeeze in the sides of the base, and looked for chips & burrs first.

Then I scraped a small flat head screwdriver along the inside of the follower, breaking down (slightly) the little ribs supporting the back of the follower.

I also used toenail clippers and snipped off the tab on the INSIDE of the spring holder (the part that has the little tab on the outside that sticks through the floor plate. AND I snipped off the inside edge ( straight one, not the curved one) and then filed it down with the file on the clippers.

On re assembly, I made sue the narrowed end of the spring was properly seated in the base of the follower, held the spring holder down with me thumb and slid the floor plate back until the tab snapped back into place.

When I started reloading the magazine, I heard a twang in the spring where it had apparently seated itself properly into the bottom of the follower. The 9th round loaded into the mag a lot easier, and I tried racking the slide a few times on the full mag, and it now worked as smoothly as the other 2.

03-03-2012, 14:43
In short, I trimmed out plastic that was encroaching on the spring, and then reseated the spring.