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Jade Falcon
03-03-2012, 19:42
Sorry if this has already been posted, but it looks like the Nanny Squad has won this one.


I wonder what the punishments of carrying in violation of this would be? Providing, that is, if you're caught.

Thank God I live in Washington.

03-03-2012, 20:39
well, you have to remember that this is an "internal policy" that directs employees, students and staff...additionally, it requires that folks doing business (i.e. contract) have this clause and agree to it. It's not "illegal", it is just a violation of your contract...I don't have a contract with them. Entrance posting for barring firearms has no legal standing in Oregon.

My son goes to college in Oregon. As a CHL, there are times that I visit him while carrying....not going to change. If I enter into a contract, such as buying a sporting event ticket, selling them products or other contractual issues, I will worry about it then.

The ruling board is making a big deal about how "illegal" it will be...NOT. All it actually does is continue the attempt to dis-arm the law abiding in favor of the criminal. :faint:

This article is a better media story:

note the "enforcement" penalty at the end of the story :tongueout:

03-03-2012, 20:44
No, the voted to allow themselves to be sued.

CHL holders are explicitly allowed to carry on school grounds according to Oregon State Law.

This is an administrative body voting to in act a "policy" that cannot be enforced.

Someone will make a whole lot of money off this one some day.

BravoSix out.