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03-07-2012, 10:15
I have recently watched your video on you tube about talking to police when pulled over. And also read article in Combat Handguns about talking to police after self defense shooting. Would also like to hear your thoughts on talking to police after home defense shooting.

Mas Ayoob
03-08-2012, 21:39
No difference, really.

To recap:

1. Establish the active dynamic, i.e., what he did that led you to shoot him. "He kicked down the door and came at me with a knife," or whatever it was.

2. Confirm that you are the intended victim, with a statement such as "I will sign the complaint."

3. Point out any evidence you may have observed before the scene is trampled by emergency services personnel.

4. Let the officers know who may have witnessed the incident.

5. I would respectfully suggest that any further detailed questions elicit the response, "Officer, you'll have my full cooperation as soon as I've spoken with counsel" or words to that effect.

As always, the above is practical advice, not legal advice, since I do not give the latter.