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03-07-2012, 19:02
Well, I had looked on this forum for a detailed review of the Answer holster by Tucker. Didnt see one so I ordered it and will review it myseld :supergrin:

Let me start by saying how well made this holster is! It is a true quality piece of craftsmanship! The suede back, to the optional leather lined kydex and how well its all blended together! Comfort is getting there as I have only worn it for a few hours today since receiving it, and know that it will mold to my body over the next few days of wear.

Lets get to the pics! "hope this works"
here is the front view taken with my phone!

back view showing the suede back, all of these that I have seen had the black suede, which I like a little better, but dont care because no one else will see it!

Top view showing the thickness of the leather and the leather lined kydex. The leather lining makes for a very buttery smooth draw! Awesome upgrade highly recommended!

Sight Channel for a snag free draw!

front view with G19! muzzle is dang near flush with the kydex at the bottom.

03-07-2012, 19:02
Fitment of slide at bottom.

Lastly the trigger guard!

I will take some pics in the next few days wearing it and showing the conceal! I am really happy I chose this holster, it was a bit more money, but with my G19 being my primary carry, I wanted to have a nice lifelong holster for it! Tucker quoted at 4 weeks wait and it was shipped just over a week after ordering it!