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03-11-2012, 11:29
I just finished my first build, everything is working but now I'm just fine tuning it to reduce the recoil. I hear getting a Spike Tactical heavy buffer will eliminate most of the recoil, but which buffer should I get? I also have a SilencerCo Saker on pre-order which I'll be running dedicated whenever pigs luge. Will a suppressor factor in when I run it dedicated in the near future? Here is what Spike's offer: ST-T1 (3.0oz), ST-T2 (4.05oz), and ST-T3 (5.4oz)

Current setup:

Mega Mono Upper/Lower
Mega 4.5lbs single stage
Adam Arms Mid-Length piston
PRI-MSTN muzzle break
WOA 18' SPR mid barrel
Magpul UBR
Danial Defense spring and heavy buffer
*pre-ordered SilencerCo Saker


03-11-2012, 11:46
Be careful of screwing with your buffer weights. Going too heavy (or too light) WILL affect the reliability of the rifle. Since you are running a piston, I can't say for sure how adding the can will affect the operation. I believe the AA kit has a setting for suppressed, though.