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03-11-2012, 11:57
I've been intrigued by this new Walther for a few months and have read nothing but POSITIVE things about it!! Ergos, Trigger, Capacity, Weight, Accuracy.....all praises at this point. Basically, people are liking it to getting an HK P30 for $300 less!! Some are even saying this pistol (given time & aftermarket support) will rival 3rd Gen Glock Reliability and Popularity!! That's some pretty HIGH PRAISE!!

Those of you looking to get one, are u going 9mm, or .40cal on this one? Looks promising!!!

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03-11-2012, 12:09
I'd go 9mm.

03-11-2012, 12:14
The only reason I chose my PPQ in 9mm vs 40S&W, was the price of ammo. The 40 version was cheaper by 10 or 15 dollars.

03-11-2012, 12:18
I don't see where the comparison to the P30 comes in, considering the PPQ is striker fired, and the P30 has a hammer. Other than being polymer with good ergos, I don't see much else in common.

03-11-2012, 12:42
I have the 9mm. I like it a lot. I don't think it's a suitable carry gun for most people because the trigger is fairly light (as far as striker pistols go) and the reset is really, really short. It makes it a hoot on the range but like I said, for most people not really that suitable for carry. Up to them though.

It's also pretty big. Bigger than you would think when you see it in person. The grip height is moving into G17 size territory. In that respect is also resembles a P30, you have a G19 size top on a G17 size grip (thereabouts).

For the money that you pay for the PPQ you are getting an exceptional quality pistol with great ergos. It is like an H&K in that the build quality is very good, the mags are expensive :rofl:, the slide stop levers are very H&K P2000/P30 in design and you have the paddle mag release and a changeable back strap. So, yeah other than being striker fired it's a lot like a P30/P2000.

I have no intention of selling mine. For the money it's a steal in terms of quality and it sure is fun at the range. Just wish the mags were a little cheaper but I can get the ones from Magnum Research that are the same thing for about 10-15 dollars less.

Part number:


The mags for the Magnum Research Baby Eagle using the above part number and the mags for the PPQ are both made by Mec-Gar in Italy. Same thing.

03-11-2012, 14:26
The day I got myPPQ I test fired it along with my Glock 19. I was expecting more muzzle flip with the PPQ due to the higher bore axis. Didn't notice any more with the PPQ than I did with the Glock. Bill Drills were better with the PPQ due mostly to the trigger. Except for cost of magazines the PPQ has no disadvantages compared to the Glock. Holsters and and part supply will improve in the future as the PPQ makes more fans.

03-11-2012, 15:21
I completely agree on the trigger for carry for most people. I've been harping on that for months. The P30 is a much better choice for carry, IMO.

I think the comparisons between the PPQ and P30 are because they are so similar in most respects (capacity, size, weight, ergos, etc). The trigger/firing system is obviously the most different aspect.

I'd go with the 9mm too.

Rooster Rugburn
03-11-2012, 17:02
The PPQ is a new edition of the P99. The reliability will be equal or superior to anything on the market. I've used a P99 in numerous classes, action pistol, and thousands of rounds with zero problems. There was one "upgrade", as Glock calls them, in the early oughts, the slide lock spring. Mine never failed and I got replacement springs with one phone call, as compared to Glock who initially denied a problem existed. IIRC, they even threatened GT for allowing the information to get out.

03-11-2012, 18:13
I have a P99 .40 and a new PPQ 9mm. I do not feel like the .40 is punishing in this pistol...even less so than my friend's old Glock 23, but I would pick a 9mm every time. Cheaper cost (ammo), higher capacity, and lower recoil are the main reasons I would go that way. That said, my .40 is an excellent pistol.

OTOH, When my wife got my PPQ locally, the .40 version was almost $50 cheaper at the same store! Similar pricing can be seen on That might be a deciding factor for you. I'm just having a tough time shooting anything but 9mm anymore, mostly due to cost.

Oh, the PPQ has a lifetime warranty, unlike the P99. Unless something has changed, HK does too.