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JC Refuge
03-11-2012, 14:38

Paracord-wear, Grainmill bins, Escape Bivvies, Tomahawks, Machetes, Skeletools, SOG knives, Water drum heaters, Commando saws, Lockout tools, Hand-crank generators ...

With all the recent sales activity in our storage food lines, we have failed to update you on our latest product additions ( at Safecastle. Some are really pretty cool. Check them out ... remember, all are discounted for buyers club members and ship free to the US mainland.

I'll directly link just a few of these that are well under $50 for members:

Paracord Bracelet (
Commando Hand Saw (
Dental Medic (
Lockout Slim Jim Tool (
Paracord Belt (
QuikClot Trauma Pak (
Stove in a Can (
SOL Escape Bivvy (
Bear Grylls Parang ( ... erber.aspx)

Browse the entire "Newest (" and "On Sale (" categories.

And remember--we now match any MH dealers' official sale-period discounts while adding our incomparable club member rewards ( for Mountain House can ( purchases! Just let us know ( where you see a sale in progress and ask for our coupon code to get your matching discount/best deal!!