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03-12-2012, 16:04
Awhile back I wrote to you regarding the Kahr P45. You had indicated some of your friends thought highly of it. This past week I had the opportunity to shoot a friend's P45 and it had several FTF's even though he had shot over 6oo rounds and had been returned to the factory once. I'm getting the same feedback from others that the P45 is not that reliable BUT I still like the idea of carrying a Kahr. What is your expereince in using Kahr P9, +P 9 mm's? If you've heard good things about them do you have a favorite in the pants holster?
Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

Mas Ayoob
03-12-2012, 16:26
Wonky, do you know what rounds your friend was using?

The Kahr is not the most popular gun at my classes but I see several go through the courses each year, and they rarely have issues. They do seem to have fairly tight chambers, which makes them sensitive to being absolutely filthy and to less than the most perfectly sized and crimped reloads.

Whenever there's a problem, best bet is for the owner to document it, call the factory, and be prepared to send the gun back.