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03-15-2012, 18:49
Like it says I'm considering a 458 SOCOM upper for my AR15. Anyone have any experience with one? I had a 50 Beowulf upper and loved the brute force available but always had trouble with feeding. I sold it last year to make a house payment and I'm thinking of replacing it in the near future, so I'm considering the 458 at this time, thinking that it should feed better due to the necked down case. What do you think. Also does anyone reload the SOCOM? I would have to as ammo is prohibitive just like the wulf was.

03-15-2012, 23:42
We are soon to be buying a 45 caliber upper for my son. I have chose to go with the 450 Bushmaster for the ease of reloading a straight walled cartridge.
I like the heavy weight bullet options you will have with the .458, but have chose to go with the velocity of the 450.
I think ammo should be a bit easier for me to find.

03-15-2012, 23:44
Song goes something like this;

If you got the money honey... (and I'm talking ammo)


Do it!


03-16-2012, 00:36

03-16-2012, 21:00
I'm not too worried about ammo cost. I'll reload, in fact now that I think of it I never fired a single factory load from the Beowulf and when I had my .444 I think I may have purchased 2 boxes factory for it. I was reloading for the .50 before I even got my upper reciever. Same with the 25 wssm.

I like the bottle neck cartridge I think it will negate any feeding problems well.

I havn't considered velocity yet but I am kind of opposed to the straight wall cartridge because of the jamms I've experienced.

Probably won't load over 300 or maybe 325 gr and probably hollow or soft points only. So I should be able to push up the velocities pretty decent.

03-16-2012, 23:17
Tony Rumore who lives in Broken Arrow, OK designed that .458 SOCOM round to be reliable feeding in regular AR mags. He did a really good job with it too. I spoke with him about it in 2008 and he said he wanted to provide a bullet that Special Forces could use if they wanted a serious barrier breaching, one stop one kill, round. He nailed it for sure.

Though I cannot afford to shoot it I don't have an upper but everyone I know that has one reloads for it and enjoys shooting it. I wouldn't hesitate. Again if you got the money and the time!