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03-15-2012, 19:27
I have noticed in some of the recent threads here that you suggest 55gr loads for home defense use. I have heard of great results with loads like the 75 grain TAP LEO, 77 grain Mk. 262, 69 grain SMK loads, and the 70 grain Barnes TSX. Any particular reason you suggest 55 grain over some of the heavier expanding or fragmenting loads?

Mas Ayoob
03-15-2012, 21:20
Plank, the 55 grain loads have the longest, most thoroughly established history both in the field and in "lab testing" in terms of adequate stopping power vis-a-vis limited likelihood of overpenetration in environments sensitive to that issue. Using rounds designed for MORE penetration in HD environments where lower penetration is a key parameter, does not strike me as the smartest way to go.


03-20-2012, 17:43
So, does your opinion shift drastically when dealing with SBR configurations? Obviously the shorter barrel generates less velocity. I specifically chose Hornady TAP 75gr (red box) for the lower fragmentation velocities, since it would allow the projectile to still tumble and fragment at the velocities my 10.5" SBR would be able to generate. In your opinion, am I off base with that decision?