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03-16-2012, 19:20
So I am moving from the Patron State of Shootin' Stuff to the Bluegrass State.

I have strategically placed my new living quarters less than an hour from Bud's Gun Shop and just over thirty minutes from my place of employment in Louisville.

It is a work transfer.

I have of course heard of Knob Creek, but where else in the area can I shoot? Google has been little help and it seems there isn't a dedicated Kentucky Firearms Owners board to be found alive.

Talk to me folks, I am going to be very sad if I can't get my friends out of the safe and do my part to stop the evil paper uprising...

03-16-2012, 19:37
Oh, there are places to shoot in your neck of the woods. Shooters Roost is in Shelbyville. I know nothing about them, though. I know there are others in the area. The state has some rifle ranges on a few WMAs as well. They are found on the KDFWR website. They're free, which is great. Welcome to the Bluegrass.

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Louisville Glocker
03-16-2012, 19:40
Fellow Louisville person here. There is a Bluegrass glockers section here on this forum and a bunch of us talk about places we shoot.

I think you can get to it at http://www.glocktalk.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=130

Anyway, for me it is what used to be Bluegrass indoor range (they recently changed names to TG&G) that I go to for an indoor pistol range. Outdoors I hit either Knob Creek or Henryville state park up in Indiana (small free outdoor range).


03-16-2012, 19:42
Thanks, following the link now.

03-16-2012, 20:40
Kentucky has by far the most NCIS background checks of any state. I'm sure there are tons of places to shoot.

Jake Starr
03-16-2012, 20:42
For indoor range, handgun/shotgun, there is only one place in Louisville, now TG&G. The is the state park in Henryville, IN to the North. Taylorsville Lake Park for rifle. Knob Creek when the creek doesn't rise...Open Range in Crestwood, very nice but pricey and the word is there is soon to be a new range in Bardstown.

Big Bird
03-17-2012, 16:33
Places to shoot in Loouisville.

Louisville indoor shooting range (under a new name). Centrally located off the Watterson X-way and the Newburg Rd. Exit.

Jefferson County Sportsman's Club in Brooks KY Take I-65 South and the Brooks exit just south of the Snyder (JCSC is Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays--shotgun stuff)

Knob Creek Gun Range... Anything you want...

There's the place in Crestwood. Expensive but clean and very well run.

Bud's has an indoor range in Lexington

There are a ton of Wildlife Mgmt Areas owned by the KY Depart of Fish and Wildlife where you can shoot. There are also some national forest lands in KY open to public hunting shooting.

There are a ton of shooting places in an hour or so drive.

chris in va
03-17-2012, 18:25
Call Knob Creek before you head out. A truck took out their metal bridge last year, and until they get the new, higher bridge in place all they have is a concrete low water version that gets flooded out easily.

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