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03-20-2012, 11:31
God idea, good product, worth the investment, Yes or No

"For handloading while on the move, there are two kits made by Lee Precision that fit the bill. They both work, and both are inexpensive."




03-20-2012, 14:00
I have used both. I wouldn't try to load anything except straight-walled pistol cases with either. The Lee Loader kit is re-loading at it's most basic. It's slow, not particularly precise, but works. Make sure you have a brass hammer.

The Lee Hand-loader is a great piece of kit! It fits nicely in your range bag, and can be used at the range to work up a new load. I used to use it quite a bit with .38 S&W revolvers to shoot cheaply. A box of cartridges, a bag of hand-cast round balls, a small box of primers and a tin or powder and you're good to go for a full day of shooting!

03-21-2012, 12:44

you will be much more satisfied with this rig

03-21-2012, 17:40
The Lee hand press works fine. It is a bit slow, but it gets the job done and probably faster than the Lee Loader which I have never used. I started out with the hand press and it is nice to be able to fit everything you need to reload in a shoe box.

You can also buy a regular single stage press and mount it on a board and C clamp it to the range bench.

If you are not already reloading, get something that works for you and start NOW. You can get more convenient gear later as money and space allow. The money you save in the meantime will be substantial. I have a buddy that wants to get started but doesn't have the $$ to get a Dillon. He's been saying this for a year. He could have bought a Lee hand press and been reloading for the last year and saved enough money to buy a 550.