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JC Refuge
03-23-2012, 13:14
I'm feeling a little wicked today so decided to try something here we haven't done before ... a Flash Sale (applicable to U.S. customers).

The following coupon code gets you 5%-off list pricing in everything in "Our Newest" category, in addition to your normal discounted pricing if you are a club member:


And of course, everything also ships free to the US mainland.

Shop our newest category here: https://www.safecastle.com/new.aspx

Check our latest product additions at Safecastle and use the coupon code above BEFORE midnight eastern time, Saturday, March 24. Some cool and useful stuff, for sure!


Prize Drawings!

Two prize drawing opportunities for you:

1. From the customers who use the coupon code above before it expires, we will award a set of three new books we found stashed in our warehouse--some classic titles about shelters, and the the Cold War survival culture, including the title pictured here that is out of print and is quite valuable on the market in the new condition this book is in.

2. On April 1, we will draw from our Facebook "Likes" one winner for their choice of a Mountain House can case. IF we reach 1500 likes by that date, we will also draw five more names to each be awarded a Mountain House Best Seller Kit! Just Like us on Facebook and you will be entered for this drawing and all subsequent drawing we run in the future: https://www.facebook.com/Safecastle

Finally ... remember--we now match any MH dealers' official sale-period discounts while adding our incomparable club member rewards for your Mountain House can purchases! Just let us know where you see a sale in progress and ask for our coupon code to get your matching discount/best deal!!

JC Refuge
03-24-2012, 07:28
Thru today only