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03-24-2012, 11:45
Hi Mas,

Have a Glock G27 that runs in three calibers.
I shoot dramatically more accurate,
and have faster follow-up shots, in 9mm.

Been carrying the G27 as my EDC
with a Storm Lake G23 40-9mm 4.02" barrel.
Loaded with Speer Duty GDHP 124 +P or
Winchester Ranger T 127 +P+.

You you recommend this caliber for all the time,
guacamole hit the fan, carry?

Thanks so much for your expert advice

Mas Ayoob
03-24-2012, 14:25
In very cold weather, when heavy clothing can clog most any hollow point, I'm partial to .45. But, it gets pretty cold in NYC, and they don't have any complaints about their 124 grain +P.

You've chosen your ammo well, and I suspect your nine will do fine.