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03-24-2012, 17:18
You can often find me with my nose in a book. Decided to make a brief report on a couple of books that might be interesting to the P/S community.

Wayne LaPierre (yes, of NRA fame) has written a book called _Safe: How to protect yoruself, your family, and your home._ It's a sizeable hardback that has sections on:

Digital World
Identity Theft & Fraud
The Streets as you can see it covers a lot of ground, applicable to the "generalist" style of prepper, but not as relevant to the "catastrophic" style of prepper. It doesn't contemplate an apocalyptic future, it's more boy-scout-be-prepared-for-anything.

The reading is rather dull, because it's mostly bulleted style lists. You don't get any sense of the author's unique experiences, it feels sort of generic and possibly ghost-written by a technical writer. So at first I was disappointed.

Then I decided to make a "to do" list of items I should probably take on, and by george...the book is indeed valuable if you use it this way. It helps you see all the nooks and crannies of where you are likely vulnerable. My _Safe_ inspired list includes about 20 things I should have already done. A random sample:

Get a CO detector in the house.
Take that first-aid course
Get a spare set of keys
Put a signal LED in the car
Get a spare set of jumpers for each car
Get some preps put together for my dog (I forgot about him!!)
Do a recent house inventory
Clean the lint traps

...and so on. All practical stuff that if you think about it, you're putting yourself at risk if you don't do it. Pierre makes his recommendations based on "most likely" types of statistics, so he recommends, for example, a smoke alarm (due to the number of people who die of smoke inhal) but doesn't mention stocking up on ammo (as an EOTW catastrophizer would).

So after you get over the dullery of a book of lists, it's a practical, level-headed book that's very helpful for shining the light on areas you may have overlooked.

Bolster gives this book a thumb up.

03-24-2012, 20:20
Nice report Bolster, thanks!