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03-25-2012, 08:37
Mas, first thank you for sharing your knowledge and being available for questioning.

I have developed tinnitus much like many pistol and rifle shooters from years of shooting. My question is that when my wife and I sleep we usually put on a bathroom fan for the white noise. We have two small dogs one that sleeps in our room and one that sleeps in a kennel out in the open office.

I feel that if someone would break in, I would have a situation where at least one of the dogs would be barking. Since we can't predict the exact scenario we will be dealt in a home invasion, do you think we will be hindered by having a white noise source that may muffle some of the noise caused by the entrance of criminal?

We don't have children or other people in the house and I would label myself as a light sleeper. My home defense weapons are a Glock 29sf that is my edc with a G20 Mag and 442 BUG with a CT laser.

Mas Ayoob
03-25-2012, 15:37
I'd talk to your alarm services provider about strengthening the early warning system. If the white noise is necessarily blocking "the receiving end," best compensation seems to be earlier and louder warning at "the intruder entry end." Ask them about motion detectors with beams set high enough that they won't be accidentally triggered by small dogs.

Best of luck,

03-26-2012, 13:29
Thank you Mas.