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03-25-2012, 19:21
Dear Mas,

What would be your recommendation for a pocket(jacket,or cargo pants)handgun?

I considered a G26, but I'm thinking it may be a tad heavy and too bulky to be a true pocket pistol.There are some .380 ACP's out, but I feel the round is marginal at best and I don't really have much Faith in it. The hammerless Snubby Revolver is another option I'm considering and you've wrote about their ability to shoot from/through the pocket without malfunctioning which might come in handy.

Would a small semi-auto like a Glock 26 or Kahr always malfunction if fired from a jacket pocket?

Thanks for your time,

Mas Ayoob
03-25-2012, 19:35
Hi, Dan --

First, we're talking about coat or jacket pockets, not pants pockets. Anything fired through a pants pocket is most likely to injure...one's own leg. :supergrin: (But, I know you knew that already.)

We've done a lot of "shoot through to coat/jacket pocket testing on this end. The autos don't ALWAYS malfunction. But they do so often enough that you simply can't trust them past the first shot.

If the pocket is large enoughfor the slide to cycle, you WILL get fresh, very hot brass trapped on your hand. The least of your concerns in real life, but also, the least of the problems firing an auto through pockets.

I STRONGLY suggest a concealed hammer/"hammerless" double action revolver for this type of use! Have NEVER seen one of THEM fail to go "five for five" (or, with a hammer-shrouded Colt, "six for six").

Haven't seen 'em set the clothing on fire yet, either. But I haven't seen it tried with particularly flammable clothing, nor with black powder yet, so...YMMV:cool:)