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03-25-2012, 23:09
Hi again Mas:
I had a Ruger LCR which I traded for a S&W 340 PD. I thought the .357 would be better. I found out that the 340 is too light and .357 ammo had to much recoil. Is there a revolver you would recommend for pocket carry? Should I just keep the S&W and load it with .38 +P rounds. I was also thinking of going back to my Kahr PM-9 because of round count and I like the 9mm better than the .38 cal.
Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Mas Ayoob
03-26-2012, 07:19
The ability to get fast, accurate hits is paramount, and ratcheting down to .38 Special +P is a plan I certainly agree with.

Since we're talking pocket carry, the switch from "hammerless" revolver to autoloader for that function is a personal one. Before deciding, I'd recommend timing yourself with several practice draws (unloaded) with each. Personally, I find the shape of the guns is such that I can draw the revolver distinctly faster, and I'd rather have five .38 Specials Right Now than seven 9mms a second from Right Now. But hand sizes and other factors differ, and each user has to find out for himself.

I wish you luck; please come back and tell us what you decide and how you made your decision.


03-26-2012, 10:27
I sold my S&W 340 PD this morning. I will be carrying my Kahr PM-9 when I pocket carry. My normal carry is either my G-30 or my G-36, depending on what I am wearing.
I tried drawing each and it was about the same. I also went to the range and I can get double taps off a lot faster with the 9mm. Plus the reloading is much faster with a magazine.
Thank you for your input.