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Dress “Down” Essentials (

2. Weapons themed prints on T-Shirts and Caps
This is a delicate subject for me and alot of fellow readers I am sure, as some of my favorite shirts are “gun” shirts. A great example is my friends who wear nothing but NRA “Don’t Tread on Me” caps and shirts, which brings us to an interesting point. There are some who feel that by wearing such clothing they are asserting their 2nd ammendment rights and showing those in authority how they feel. They are quite passionate about it and understandably so..our rights are on the chopping block. The flip side of this argument is that by doing so, you are easily identifying yourself to the “authorities” as the “gun guy” and also identifying yourself to the criminal, which by default, elects you to be singled out in a bad way. My advice is go subtle but still promote your opinions. My fellow Texan and friend John at RAA ( produces some really cool “alternative” themed gun prints that fit that category.


That reminds me of one day when I'd stopped at a Staples office supply store to buy some print cartridges and printer paper. I was with my nephew, and we'd been in the store for several minutes when a strange woman approached us, yelling "What do you think you're doing?" She was upset - at me - and, coming closer, she continued to mutter about something (she believed me to have done) and said "Someone like you almost killed my son!" I didn't understand, and I told her so. She accused me of having failed to stop at a stop sign, this being sometime in the past, and I thought to myself that this lady was probably PTSD-crazy and was just acting out.As she continued with her diatribe, she repeatedly poked my chest for emphasis. As her finger poked my chest, I thought to myself, this woman is crazy, my nephew is with me, and this is getting out of hand. She continued to poke my chest, but then she stopped speaking, and staring at her finger and my chest, she smiled, and then just turned and walked away. What just happened?, I thought. I looked down to my chest to see my T-shirt's image of an AR-15 and the phrase "Why waltz when you can rock & roll."


P.S.: That is a true story.