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03-27-2012, 16:34
About an hour long, but powerful and informative.

Fascism & Socialism in North America - YouTube

03-27-2012, 17:55
My attention span is only 5 minutes and getting shorter every day.

Break it down for me?

03-27-2012, 18:37
When Wolf first posed this idea in 2007 her total focus was on Bush and Republicans-a typical left wing approach to Fascism. Blame it on the Right. What is interesting is that Fascism is a Left wing ideology and the ten points she outlines are more evident in this admin than in the previous.

A strong case for this is made in Goldberg's, Liberal Fascism. I believe it is Hayek in The Constitution of Liberty that makes the observation that Fascism is only considered right in relation to communism which is further left and demonizes Fascism because it competes with communism and emphasizes nationalism as opposed to a universal worker class.