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03-28-2012, 10:34
I was curious if anyone has heard of this, i have a Le Trade in Glock 23 gen 3 that i was putting my first hundred rounds through today when in the middle of a mag i fired a round the next round chambered, but when i squeezed trigger no click no light strike no pull whatsoever i racked the slide which ejected the unfired round and continued as normal with this mag and followed up with my last 20 rounds i had with me which were all fine. im confused it was almost as if firing pin or trigger hadnt fully reset

Arc Angel
03-28-2012, 10:47
The trigger didn't reset. Sounds like a connector problem. Read through the Ghost, Inc. literature to see what you have to do. By the way, when was the last time you cleaned this pistol?

Trigger does not reset or resets with a quieter than normal (a slight muted click) "click" Connector maybe bent too far inwards. SEE SECTION II, Note #2

Note #2: Check the outward bend angle of the connector. This is done by sliding a piece of (.003 or standard 20 lb paper) paper between the connector and the top portion of the trigger mechanism housing. The paper should slide through with a little resistance. If the paper does not slide through then the connector needs to removed and bent out ever so slightly. If it slides through with no resistance the connector needs to be removed and bent in ever so slightly.

(Ghost, Inc. is one of the best sources for information about Glock Connectors on the internet!) :thumbsup:

PS: If I've got you in, 'over your head' then take it to an armorer - OK!

03-28-2012, 14:45
Answered below...connector needs more distance from the side of the trigger housing. Cleaning that connector surface might be all that it needs. A piece of crud could have caused that one instance.

11-04-2012, 18:48
just had a dead trigger today with a rare is this rare phenomena? anyone know?