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03-28-2012, 10:49
An interesting analysis from HotAir, and not reported by most. One possibility is that Obama actually WANTS the SCOTUS to strike the law down, at least the mandate-specific part of it.

1. Should they decide now, or wait? (That was argued on Monday.)

2. If they decide now, then is the individual mandate unconstitutional? (Today.)

3. If the mandate is unconstitutional, then is it severable from the rest of the law? In other words, if SCOTUS strikes down the individual mandate, does that invalidate the rest of the law? (Tomorrow.)

For Obama, the ideal outcome is 1. Now. 2. Unconstitutional. 3. It’s severable.

In other words, the mandate goes away but the rest of the law remains in force. That makes private health insurance economically unviable, and the insurance companies will all exit the business or they will go out of business. At which point the Democrats will try to implement “single payer”, a total nationalization of the entire health care industry, financed by a huge rise in taxes.

Rest here:

The real notable fact; most laws of this size include a severability clause, so that even if parts of the law are struck down, the bulk of the law can remain. It is, in fact, routine boilerplate text. This law in particular however has no such language in it. But the thinking now is that Obama will push that the law should be treated as having it, even if it doesn't.

If they can push that, then the rest of the law essentially makes private health insurance economically unviable; no one will carry a policy until they need it, and they would get it because of the "no pre-existing conditions exclusions" clause. This has the intended effect of essentially driving all these companies (United Health, Blue Cross, Aetna, etc) all out of business, since no one would carry a policy until the time came to make claims on major medical issues, whose costs far exceed what a healthy policy holder pays into a company.

Once that happens, and health care comes to a complete collapse due to "mandatory health treatment, regardless of payment" requirements, Congress would step in, and pass national single-payer, which was clearly Obama's plan all along. The only other (sane) alternative is total repeal, but Obama would Veto such a law, and the Senate would sustain that veto.

03-28-2012, 10:55
The leftists are delusional:

People have had quite enough and will sweep them away in a tide, never to bother this generation again.....


03-28-2012, 11:04
WHAT A MESS THE DEMOCRATS HAVE CREATED:steamed: Im getting the feeling the democrats want obamacare thrown under the bus, the guy defending it seems inept.