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03-29-2012, 10:20
Hey Mas:hesumed

Last night on TV, Nancy Grace said, "anytime there's a dead body, there should be an arrest." In AZ , we have a castle doctrine. If someone breaks into my home, and I have to shoot, will I have to be arrested. Also, if the criminal fears my gun, and runs out of my house, I let him go. If instead, he approaches me, then I shoot. Even if he is unarmed, because I would fear him taking my gun and hurting my family. Am I thinking correctlya with the castle doctrine? In AZ, the criminal is presumed to be a threat to your life even if he is unarmed if he is breaking into your home or car.


Rob in Gilbert. e

Mas Ayoob
03-29-2012, 20:28
I have to respectfully but profoundly disagree with Ms. Grace. Setting aside the case she was discussing and speaking in general, the dead body on the ground is not necessarily grounds for arrest. Probable cause to believe the arrestee has committed a crime is grounds for arrest.