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Cope's Distributing
03-29-2012, 12:06
WISE Essential 2 Week Survival Kit

Product Info:
2 week deluxe survival product and food kit for 1 person/ 1 week for 2 people. An amazing kit at an amazing price!
Product within this Kit:
■Large Hikers Backpack: Quantity 1
■6 packages of Pocket Tissue: Quantity 6 packages
■4-in-1 Dynamo Flashlight: Quantity 1
■Deck of Playing Cards: Quantity 1
■Water Proof Matches: Quantity 50
■Waste Bag: Quantity 2
■Note Pad: Quantity 1
■Golf Pencil: Quantity 1
■Mylar Sleeping Bags: Quantity 2
■Leather Palm Work Gloves: Quantity 1
■36 Piece Bandage Kit: Quantity 1
■Water Filtration Bottle: Quantity 1
■Portable Stove: Quantity 1
■Stove Fuel Tablets: Quantity 16
■Metal Fork
■and Spoon: Quantity 1
■Sierra Cup: Quantity 1
■Wise Emergency Food Supply: Quantity 44 Servings
■Creamy Chicken Pasta
■Cheesy Lasagna
■Chicken Teriyaki
■Chicken Ala King
■Southwest Bean and Rice
■Beef Teriyaki and Rice
■Multi-Grain Cereal
■Honey Glazed Granola

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