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03-29-2012, 19:22
Dear Mas,

Do you have an overall preference of bullet weights in 9mm?

I know it's an overly generalized question and that there's many factors that will vary from load to load that would affect your choice, but if all things were as relative or equal as possible between 9mm loads of different bullet weights, is there one weight that you would likely pick first for self-defense?

Thank you for your time.

Mas Ayoob
03-29-2012, 20:37
Dan, I see bullet weight as only one factor in assessing the effectiveness of a given load, in 9mm or any other caliber. Bullet construction, velocity, and history on the street factor into it too, along with reproducible results in various test media.

The 115 grain +P/+P+ in the 1300 foot-second range proved itself a very dynamic anti-personnel load on the street, but in some iterations would only make a wound channel 10" or so deep, though very wide. FBI felt this was short on penetration by a couple of inches, and many others agree.

The 147 grain subsonic hollowpoints are deeper penetrators, and IN THE MODERN HIGH TECH BuLLET DESIGNS, expand well.

My personal preference is something around 124 grains, going about 1250 fps, with a well-engineered, modern high-tech bullet. They tend to meet the FBI standards and the two most common, Speer's 124 grain +P Gold Dot and Winchester's 127 grain +P+ Ranger hollow point, have an excellent history on the street as well.


03-30-2012, 13:48

What's the best standard pressure 9mm loads out there?I'm looking to stock-up on it for me and the Wife and have been considering some of the following...

Winchester Ranger 115 gr @ 1225 fps
Black Hills 115 gr @ 1150 fps
Black Hills 124 gr @ 1150 fps
Federal 9BP 115 gr @ 1180 fps
Hornady Custom XTP 115 gr @ 1155 fps
Hornady Custom XTP 124 gr @ 1110 fps

I didn't know Winchester Ranger came in a standard pressure & thouht it was all +P+.You among others have showed fondness for the Federal 9BP and Black Hills has a loyal following opinion. I tried some WWB and it was cheap,but real dirty and corroded(not sure what the deal with that was).

Thanks again,

Mas Ayoob
03-30-2012, 16:19
Of the rounds you list, Dan, the Federal 9BP leads the pack for a long, consistent track record in the field. It's what I'd go with, anyway. Now packaged as "personal defense" load by Federal.