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03-30-2012, 18:46
I just bought a new G-38 and wanted to get a Fobus paddle holster for it. I off duty carry my G-19 in a Fobus paddle, actually in a model for the G-26, which I liked. (Note past tense....keep reading)

Fobus does not make a paddle holster for the 38, only for the 37. The 38 fits in it but the holster extends past the end of the muzzle by an inch...I wasn't happy with that.

So, my search began. Thanks to the search button here on GT I learned about Serpa, Comp-Tac and a couple other brands. I took a chance and ordered a Comp-Tac paddle holster as they make them model specific. It arrived by mail yesterday and all I can say is WOW, I'm impressed.

The Comp-Tac is made of much thicker Kydex than the Fobus....if the Fobus is even Kydex, it may just be some generic plastic. The Comp-Tac is made of a single piece of Kydex that's folded and molded into shape. Simpler design with less things to break or malfunction. The Fobus is multiple pieces riveted together and I'm sure everyone has seen the YouTube video of the guy having a pistol in a Fobus holster ripped off his belt. Not saying it won't happen with the Comp-Tac, but I think it would be more difficult. The Comp-Tac rides higher on the belt than the Fobus which to me equates to better concealment and less chance of hitting the muzzle on a chair when you sit down. (I couldn't figure out how to take photos of myself wearing the holster so you'll have to settle for still life shots below.)

When inserting the pistol into the Comp-Tac it seats with a definite "click" so you know it's in place. The Fobus just slides in and stays there. The Comp-Tac can be adjusted for fit with the allen wrench that comes with the holster.

Overall the Comp-Tac is much more comfortable to wear. I like how it rides higher on the belt, how it's made of thicker material and how it's not riveted together. The only thing that I can find in favor of the Fobus holster at this point is price, it's about 1/2 the cost of the Comp-Tac, but this is really a case of getting what you pay for. The Comp-Tac is a quality holster and they will be getting future business from me when I am in need of another holster.

Fobus holster on the left Comp-Tac on the right:

Rear view of the paddles. The Fobus has a red rubber insert and has a much longer paddle than the Comp-Tac. The Comp-Tac has a much wider paddle.

Rear view (Fobus on the left) showing how the holster on the Fobus is riveted to the paddle while the Comp-Tac is a solid piece of Kydex that's folded over. Nothing to break off on the Comp-Tac. The other big thing that I found is that the rounded top of the Comp-Tac is much more comfortable riding against my side. The top of the Fobus is higher and sharper and digs into my side when I sit with the holster on.

Top view - Fobus on the left

Front view - Fobus on the left

The Fobus (on left) is held in place by two small wedges on the paddle, one in front and one behind the holster. To keep the paddle from sliding front to rear there's the red rubber piece on the back of the paddle (in photo above) to give the paddle some friction. The Comp-Tac has two "ears" that bend forward on the paddle to keep the holster on the belt and two velcro (the hard half of the velcro) dots that provide friction to keep the paddle from moving fore or aft on the belt.

03-30-2012, 18:53
Nice review, I would take the Comp over the Fobus


03-30-2012, 21:32
I tried them all for my G23 and decided on the Fobus. I have not looked back at all.

But.....I can understand your concerns and points. The Comp-Tac appears to be a quality unit as well, thought out in design and function and looks as if it would be comfortable to wear.


Bill Lumberg
03-31-2012, 08:20
As previously noted, except for the non-gun-specific nylon Uncle Mike's, it's pretty hard to get a worse holster than FOBUS. FOBUS is still better than nothing at all though.

03-31-2012, 08:29
i have had both and worn both. i like the CompTac much better. if you buy the Fobus, i think you will buy the CompTac later, thereby negating the cost difference. buy once, cry once. besides, it only $60-$75. not a killer.


Jake Starr
03-31-2012, 13:43
For the price you get what you pay for...some Fobus come with a retention screw, others do not. YMMV.

I like Fobus and Frontline and have others of higher value but I find myself sticking with Fobus or Frontline.

04-01-2012, 07:09
the comp tac speed paddle is one of my favorite holsters. have one for a kahr and a g26. rides high and tight.

06-11-2012, 18:37
Last question:

Will the Comp-Tac scratch the slide like the Fobus is said to.
THANKS guys!

06-11-2012, 20:08
Last question:

Will the Comp-Tac scratch the slide like the Fobus is said to.
THANKS guys!

Hasn't ever scratched my guns. I've got half a doze or so for various guns. No issues in 7 years or so.

06-12-2012, 07:22
I have used Comp-Tac and Fobus products for eight years.
Both are fine for the job. I have never had a complaint of failure in any of my many Fobus paddle products. I have busted about four Comp-Tac hooks, a magazine holder and a light holder during that period due to Kydex fatigue.

Edited to add: My Comp-Tac holsters were IWB (MTAC and CTAC) and were excellent, while all of my Fobus products have been paddles (OWB).

06-12-2012, 20:06
I have been using Fobus holsters for all of my off duty CCW needs and am quite satisfied. My Fobus holsters all seat the weapon with a satisfying "click." They all hold the weapon high and tight against my body. I've tried many other holsters, but I am sticking with my Fobus.

06-12-2012, 22:01
Fobus for me!

06-12-2012, 22:16
I like the way the Comp-Tac disappears when I wear it. I can hardly feel that I have it on and the weapon rides high and tight to the body. The Fobus works well, but I found it was not as comfortable for me and I felt like the rig was a little less concealable.